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Passive Fire Surveys

Passive Fire Protection Surveys are essential to ensure the integrity of fire compartmentation within a building. They serve as a critical check to verify that all passive fire protection measures are correctly installed and maintained, providing the necessary resistance to the spread of fire and toxic gases from one area to another.

  • Legal Compliance and Responsibility: Building owners and occupants must validate that fire compartmentation is effectively maintained.

  • Visual Inspections: Examination of compartment walls, floors, service risers, and concealed spaces.

  • Detailed Assessments: Areas identified on fire drawings are scrutinized for any potential compliance issues.

Alpha Fire Protection Limited's Survey Process

Our Passive Fire Survey process is designed to deliver thorough and actionable insights into the current state of your fire compartmentation.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Inspection of key areas based on fire strategy plans and drawings.

  • Condition Reporting: Current condition assessments with representative photographs for clarity.

  • Identification of Non-Compliance: Each instance of non-compliance is numerically coded and detailed with marked up drawings and photos where possible.

Reporting and Documentation

A precise and clear report is paramount for an effective Passive Protection Survey, guiding remedial actions and maintaining compliance.

  • Itemised Schedule: All non-compliant items are catalogued for easy reference.

  • Photographic Evidence: Accompanying images provide visual context to the identified issues.

  • Special Considerations: Noting areas that require urgent attention or unique solutions.

Ensuring Building Safety and Compliance

The final goal of Passive Fire Protection Surveys is to safeguard occupants and properties, facilitating prompt remediation and upholding building safety standards.

  • Actionable Insights: Our report enables building owners to take necessary corrective measures.

  • Regulatory Adherence: Assisting in fulfilling legal obligations under fire safety regulations.

  • Maintenance of Fire Compartmentation: Ensuring ongoing effectiveness of passive fire protection barriers.

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