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Our Genesis

In the specialised field of Passive Fire Protection, identifying a reliable and professional contractor can be a meticulous process. It was this very challenge that inspired the formation of Alpha Fire Protection Limited.

Our Commitment

We recognize the intricate complexities of fire protection services. Our aim is to simplify this process for our valued clientele, providing not just services, but assurance and peace of mind.

Open Communication:

We believe in maintaining transparency, ensuring that our clients are consistently informed throughout the project.

Pursuit of Excellence:

For us, excellence is a standard, evident in every project and every interaction. Our team has a wealth of experience working in all aspects of the fire protection industry. We have built a strong reputation over the years to cement our place as the leading fire protection contractor in Ireland.

Employee Well-being:

The safety and fair treatment of our employees remain paramount. They are integral to our operations, and their well-being is always a priority.

Why Partner with Us?

Alpha Fire Protection Limited represents a blend of cutting-edge technology, comprehensive experience, and an uncompromising dedication to safety. Our staff are trained to the highest standards possible and we are always in pursuit of improvement. We set the benchmark in fire protection. As you prioritize safety, let us be your chosen ally in firestopping solutions.

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