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At Alpha Fire Protection, we specialise in advanced firestopping systems, delivering robust and cost effective passive fire protection for buildings across Ireland. Fireproofing and passive fire protection are essential to maintaining the integrity of buildings during a fire incident.

Our services focus on creating fire-resistant compartments that enhance life safety and limit damage.

Qualified Installation Expertise

  • Thorough Design Solutions: Meticulous planning and design of firestopping systems tailored to the unique needs of each structure.

  • Experienced Installers: A team of competent professionals trained in a wide array of passive fire protection systems and installations.

Compartmentalization Strategy

  • Fire-Resistance Rated Barriers: Implementing fire rated walls and floors to compartemalize fire and smoke.

  • Controlled Spread: Our passive fire control methods are designed to slow down the spread of fire and toxic gases, buying valuable time for evacuation and for the fire service to arrive.

Compliance And Quality Assurance

  • Building Control Regulations Adherence: Every installation is performed by competent installers with full regard for manufacturer testing and in line with the latest Irish Building Control Regulations.

  • Certified Products: Utilization of top-tier, tested materials from esteemed brands such as FSI, Rockwool, Protecta, Nullifire, Firetherm, Promat, Safire, Siderise, Hilti and Hero Fireproof ensuring compliance and reliability.

Comprehensive Passive Fire Control Solutions

  • Product and Material Excellence: We source our fireproofing materials from recognized suppliers, ensuring every component meets stringent safety standards.

  • Detailed Installations: Alpha Fire Protection stands behind a policy of 'right first time' installations, following manufacturer specifications closely for the desired result every time.

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