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Bolster Systems Passive Fire app

Our Advanced Fire Protection Management Tool

Alpha Fire Protection Limited uses the Bolster Systems Passive Fire app to survey, install and record all works carried out by our trained operatives. Bolster Systems is an electronic management application designed to integrate the installation, documenting and management of fire barrier penetrations and fire-stopping within a building.

Bolster Systems not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity
Our team delivers to the highest standards in the fire protection industry using technology and experience to guarantee the very best service.
How We Work


on-site inspections

Alpha Fire Protection operatives will carry out on-site inspections using the bolster system app
On-site inspections


We will fully integrate the installation, documentation and management of all fire barrier penetrations and seals within a building
Integration with Alpha Fire Protection

View from any device

Clients can log in and view our progress in real time from any device conected to the internet
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Locate | Capture | Tag

Photo Proof

Layout drawings are uploaded, A compartment breach is highlighted by a simple pin and photograph showing its location
How we operate at Alpha Fire Protection

Progress in Real-Time

Individual numbered drop pins are used to identify work required, in progress and completed. Photographs are automatically uploaded to a cloud based system giving a real-time view of progress. Location labels are printed using specially coded mobile printers.
How we operate at Alpha Fire Protection

IFC Certification


ASFP Membership


VCR Certification


CIF Membership

Document & Survey

Information regarding potential remedial works required is recorded and all information is documented in a cloud based database. Once a survey is complete the system will generate a report and layout drawings of all findings ready for issue.


Streamlined data entry using an iPhone, collates all data under one easy to access system.


Enhances productivity while eliminating burdensome paper surveying


Real time surveying of works undertaken. Cloud-based data storage.

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