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Ensuring your fire safety systems meet the required standard

Testing & Inspecting Fire Dampers

At Alpha Fire Protection, we specialise in fire damper testing and inspection, providing unparalleled expertise and service to ensure your building's fire safety systems are up to code and fully operational. Our certified teams are dedicated to delivering detailed inspections and maintenance, tailored to the unique demands of each facility.

Fire Damper Inspection Expertise

Our team of experts carries out thorough inspections on both mechanical and automated dampers. Aligning with Ireland's stringent safety standards, we deliver peace of mind that your fire safety systems are functioning at their best.

Qualified Service Teams

  • Each service team member is a certified competent person, adept in the inspection and testing of fire dampers, ensuring compliance and safety.

  • We bring expertise to every inspection, maintaining the integrity of your fire safety systems through rigorous testing protocols.

Meticulous Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance is key to ensuring that fire dampers operate correctly. We conduct extensive cleaning and subsequent maintenance checks, essential for the longevity and reliability of your fire safety mechanisms.

Fire Damper Repair and Compliance

Identifying repair needs and compliance issues is an integral part of our service. We provide strategic solutions to address any access challenges or fixing requirements, ensuring that all fire stopping measures are up to date and effective. Our operatives have a wealth of experience installing and repairing dampers from industry leaders Lindab and Safeguard Systems.

Detailed Reporting and Documentation

  • All fire dampers are asset tagged and documented with photographs, providing a clear and traceable record of their condition.

  • Our bespoke software package offers detailed reporting, including clean and drop test results, for comprehensive accountability.

Nationwide Service Reach

Alpha Fire Protection offers this essential service across Ireland. With our Dublin base and national reach, we ensure that every client has access to top-tier fire damper testing and inspection, regardless of location.

For a tailored approach to fire damper inspection and testing that adheres to the highest standards of safety and compliance, contact Alpha Fire Protection. Let us bring our expertise directly to your doorstep, ensuring that your property is prepared and protected.

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