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Door Inspection and Installation

Our fully certified inspection team brings a meticulous and trained eye to every fire door inspection and installation.

We understand that fire doors are a pivotal element in safeguarding lives and property against the devastation of a fire. Our expertise and dedicated service ensure that your fire doors are compliant with the most current safety regulations and ready to perform when needed.

The Critical Role of Fire Doors

  • Comprehensive Safety: Fire doors are essential in halting the spread of fire and smoke, providing crucial time for evacuation.

  • Legislative Compliance: Regular inspection of fire doors is not just good practice; it is a legislative requirement for building owners.

Certified Inspection Experts

  • Trained Professionals: Our team has completed extensive training, qualifying as Fully Certified Fire Door Inspectors.

  • Detailed Reports: Post-inspection, we provide an in-depth report of each door, outlining condition, compliance, and retest dates.

Inspection Criteria

  • Door Structure: Evaluating the robustness and resilience of the door's framework.

  • Door Leaf: Inspecting the condition of the door leaf for integrity and fire resistance.

  • Hinges: Checking the security and functionality of all door hinges.

  • Gaps and Thresholds: Measuring gaps around the door and its threshold to ensure a tight seal.

  • Self-closing Systems: Testing the door closer to confirm it operates effectively, ensuring the door shuts securely on its own.

  • Locks, Handles, and Levers: Assessing the operational integrity of locks, handles, and levers for reliable access and security.

  • Hold-Open Mechanisms: Inspecting and testing hold-open devices to ensure they release and allow doors to close upon detection of fire.

  • Glazing: Checking any glazed elements within the door to ensure they meet fire resistance requirements.

  • Intumescent Strips: Examining intumescent strips for correct placement and functionality to expand and seal the door against smoke and fire.

  • Smoke Seals: Ensuring smoke seals are intact and unbroken to prevent smoke infiltration.

  • Safety Signage: Verifying that safety signage is clear, legible, and correctly positioned.

Beyond Inspections

  • Installations: Expert installation of fire doors that meet all Irish safety standards.

  • Repairs and Maintenance: Identifying issues and providing solutions for fire door repairs and maintenance.

  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support to ensure that your fire doors remain in peak condition, adhering to safety regulations.

Your Partner in Compliance

  • Insurance Validation: Assisting with the documentation required for insurance providers.

  • Health and Safety Adherence: Helping you meet the stringent checks performed by Health and Safety inspectors, particularly Fire Officers.

Alpha Fire Protection Limited is committed to the highest standards in fire door inspections, installations, and repairs. With our certified expertise, we ensure that your property is compliant, safeguarded, and that you fulfil your legal responsibilities as a building owner.

Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule an inspection and experience peace of mind with our certified fire door services.

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