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Fortifying Buildings with Expert Cavity Barrier and Curtain Walling Installations

Cavity Barriers / Curtain Walling

Our proficient installation services for cavity barriers and curtain walling integrate crucial fire safety and soundproofing in architectural designs. Our solutions are tailored to meet stringent fire safety standards and enhance building integrity.

Comprehensive Cavity Barrier Systems

  • Certified Installation: Our teams are adept at fitting a range of cavity barriers, including those in roof voids or between fire-resistant elements, ensuring compliance and safety.

  • Quality Materials: Utilizing Certifire approved CW FS SYSTEMS, we guarantee the use of top-tier fire stop and sound barrier solutions for all cladding panel applications.

Curtain Walling Expertise

  • Experienced Application: With over two decades of leadership in the UK market, our products and services for curtain walling are unmatched in performance and reliability.

  • Maintaining Fire Resistance: The CW system is specially designed to seal gaps between compartment floors or walls and external curtain walls, both horizontally and vertically.

Specialized Installation Services

  • Versatile Applications: From vertical and horizontal cavity barriers to specialized installations around windows and within suspended ceilings.

  • Trusted Suppliers: We only employ the highest quality products from industry leaders like Siderise Lamatherm, AIM, ARC, FSI and Rockwool for enduring protection.

Ensure your building’s fire safety and acoustic insulation with our dedicated cavity barrier and curtain walling services. Contact Alpha Fire Protection for a tailored solution across Ireland.

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