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Fire Barrier and Cavity Barrier Systems

Secure your structure with advanced fire barrier solutions for optimal protection.

Fire Barrier Systems

Fire Barrier Systems
Cavity Barrier Systems

Alpha Fire Protection Limited specialises in the installation of fire barrier, fire blanket and Cavity Barrier systems to safeguard buildings against the spread of fire and gases within cavities and voids. Our team is highly proficient in passive fire protection techniques and ensure that each installation meets rigorous safety standards and complies with the Buildings Fire Safety Certificate, the manufacturers installation instructions and The Irish Building Regulations.

Comprehensive Fire Barrier Solutions

  • Integrity and Insulation: Our fire barrier systems provide up to 120 minutes of both integrity and insulation, essential for maintaining structure during fire emergencies.

  • Rockwool Fire Barrier Slab: A friction-fitted solution offering 60 minutes of reliable fireproofing, balancing performance with cost-effectiveness.

  • Rockwool Fire Barrier Barrier Curtain: A Self-Supporting Barrier from Rockwool to prevent the spread of fire and inhibit the passage of smoke in concealed spaces.

  • FireHalt Barrier: All FireHalt fire barriers are tested and product certified by widely recognised independent test houses and certification bodies.

  • FireFly Barrier: Offering a range of fully certified systems comprising lightweight, FireFly offers easy to install fire barriers with ancillaries supported by fire stopping products

Ease of Installation and Flexibility

  • Simplified Construction: Designed for straightforward installation to minimise errors and ensure consistent passive fire control.

  • Extended Applications: Suitable for voids up to 10.5 meters, our barriers are versatile for various architectural demands.

Diverse Fire Protection Ratings

  • Variety of Protection Periods: From 15 to 120 minutes, we offer a range of fire barrier systems to meet specific passive fire protection requirements.

  • Tailored Systems: Options for 90 and 120-minute protection using traditional support methods for extended resilience.

Nationwide Service

  • Local Expertise, Nationwide Reach: Headquartered in Dublin, our services extend across Ireland, delivering quality firestopping and passive fire control solutions.

For detailed product specifications and to find a fire protection strategy tailored to your needs, reach out to our knowledgeable team. We're committed to delivering not just safety, but peace of mind, with our barrier systems.

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