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Fire protecting structural steelwork

Ensuring Structural Integrity in the Face of Fire

insulating steel structures

Fire protection of structural steelwork is vital for maintaining the integrity of a building during a fire. This passive fire protection measure is designed to insulate steel structures from the extreme temperatures of a fire, preventing structural collapse and allowing for safe evacuation.

Intumescent Paint Solutions

  • Understanding Intumescent Coatings: A key player in passive fire control, intumescent paint expands significantly when exposed to high temperatures, creating a protective char layer that insulates steel structures.

  • Application Types: Can be applied on-site or off-site, with options for both water-based for interior, dry conditions, and solvent-based for broader environmental resilience.

  • Advantages: Suitable for complex shapes, offers up to 120 minutes of fire resistance, and enables easy integration of post-protection services.

  • Aesthetic Integration: Achievable through both solvent and water-based coatings, allowing for decorative finishes as part of fireproofing measures.

Fireproofing with Fire Boards

  • Board Varieties: Choose from lightweight boards for cost-efficiency in non-aesthetic areas or heavyweight boards for areas where appearance matters.

  • Application Flexibility: Suitable for both exposed and concealed areas, with the ability to apply on unpainted steelwork.

  • Manufacturing Assurance: Factory-made to guaranteed thicknesses, providing consistent fire protection performance.

Expert Installation and Compliance

  • Qualified Application: Our installers are trained in firestopping design and implementation, ensuring compliance with the latest Building Control Regulations.

  • Quality Products: We partner with leading manufacturers like Promat, Envirograf, and Gyproc to provide top-tier fireproofing materials.

  • Comprehensive Protection: By using products from reputable sources such as Nullifire and Sherwin Williams, we deliver passive fire protection that meets stringent safety standards and aesthetic requirements.

Alpha Fire Protection Limited champions passive fire control through meticulous application and industry expertise, safeguarding Ireland's buildings and their occupants.

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