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Dry Film Thickness Testing Services

Ensuring the Integrity of Fire Protective Coatings to Structural Steel with precise DFT Measurements.

Dry Film Thickness (DFT)

Dry film thickness (DFT) is a critical parameter in the protective coating industry, indicating the level of protection a substrate receives. Alpha Fire Protection Limited specializes in the accurate measurement of DFT using calibrated elcometer gauges to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of thin film reactive coatings.

What is DFT?

  • Measurement of coating thickness post-application and curing

  • Vital for assessing the coating’s protective performance in the event of a fire

Why Measure DFT?

  • To ensure the correct thickness of intumescent paint has been applied as per the loading table calculations to achieve the required fire rating

  • To ensure the primer and topcoat systems have been applied as per the manufacturers recommendations

Alpha Fire Protection's DFT Testing Service

Our service goes beyond mere measurement. We deliver a complete DFT solution:

Pre-application Calculations:

Determining optimal intumescent paint loadings for your steel sizes based on manufacturers testing

Post-application Assessments:

  • Utilizing advanced elcometer gauges for non-destructive DFT testing

  • Providing detailed PDF photo and excel reports for assessment and record-keeping

The Role of DFT in Intumescent Coating

Intumescent coatings safeguard structural steel in fires, with DFT playing a pivotal role:

Intumescent Coating Performance:

  • Expands 15 to 50 times in thickness when exposed to fire

  • Forms a protective char layer to insulate and shield structural steel from the fire and heat

Application Standards:

  • Steel typically requires a primer layer for adhesion before the application of the intumescent basecoat

  • Galvanized Steel requires a pre-treatment before the application of primer

  • Topcoats or mesh may be needed for durability and char retention

  • Topcoat seals should be applied to protect against moisture ingress and to extend the lift of the system

Our Expertise and Equipment

With our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology, we provide:

Accurate Measurements:

  • Calibration and use of non-destructive elcometer gauges

  • Ensuring coatings are applied within the correct environmental conditions

Quality Assurance:

  • Comprehensive analysis and documentation of DFT readings

  • Quality control in line with industry and safety standards

Nationwide Coverage

Service Availability:

  • Headquartered in Dublin, we extend our services across all of Ireland

  • Commitment to delivering timely and precise DFT testing anywhere in the country

For a partnership that places the safety and integrity of your fire protective coatings first, contact Alpha Fire Protection Limited. Our expertise in dry film thickness testing is your assurance of compliance and peace of mind.

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