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Alpha Fire Protection, Ireland’s premier fire safety expert, specialises in intumescent painting for structural steel.

Our certified proficiency in applying intumescent paint ensures unparalleled protection against fire hazards. We offer robust solutions for both existing and new constructions, elevating fire safety standards and providing peace of mind.

The Role of Intumescent Coatings in Fire Protection

Intumescent coatings are at the forefront of passive fire protection strategies, offering a reliable and effective solution for safeguarding structural steelwork.

These coatings are specifically designed to react under the intense heat of a fire. When activated, they form a thick, insulating barrier that dramatically slows the transfer of heat to the steel beams.

This process not only preserves the structural integrity of the steel but also significantly extends the time for fire resistance, crucial for the safety of occupants and the emergency services. By incorporating intumescent coatings, buildings in Ireland can achieve compliance with stringent fire safety regulations, ensuring a higher level of protection against the spread of fire and smoke.

Why Choose Intumescent Paint for Steel Structures

Intumescent paint is an ideal choice for protecting steel structures due to its unique fire-resistant properties. In the event of a fire, it provides a passive fire protection layer that significantly enhances the fire resistance of steel members.

This is particularly vital for structural steel beams and columns, which are crucial for the building’s integrity. The paint forms a protective char layer when exposed to extreme heat, thereby preserving the steel’s strength and preventing it from reaching critical temperatures too quickly.

Using intumescent paint is not only a safety measure but also a compliance requirement under Irish building regulations, ensuring that steel structures can withstand fire for a longer duration and contribute to overall building safety.

The Science Behind Intumescent Paint Work

The effectiveness of intumescent paint lies in its scientific formulation, designed to respond to the intense heat from a fire.

Upon exposure to high temperatures, the paint undergoes a rapid transformation. It expands to form a thick, foam-like char layer, known as an intumescent layer. This layer acts as a thermal barrier, drastically slowing down the heat transfer to the underlying steelwork. The increased dry film thickness of the paint ensures that the steel beneath does not reach its critical temperature rapidly, maintaining the structural integrity of the steelwork.

This scientific approach to fire protection is a testament to the advancements in passive fire safety measures, with Alpha Fire Protection at the forefront of applying this technology in Ireland.

Fire Retardant Paint: A Key to Passive Fire Protection

intumescent spraying workshop

Steel Beam Intumescent Painting Phase

Fireproof Paint in Ireland: Regulations and Standards

Alpha Fire Protection adheres to Ireland’s strict building regulations for fireproof paint, especially intumescent coatings.

Our application of intumescent paint meets crucial safety standards, ensuring optimal fire resistance for steel structures. Our trained professionals guarantee compliance with mandatory requirements, providing top-tier fire safety solutions across Ireland.

Ensuring Steelwork Safety with Intumescent Painting

Intumescent painting by Alpha Fire Protection is essential for steelwork safety. Our specialized coatings significantly enhance fire resistance, protecting steel beams from extreme heat. This process is crucial for maintaining structural stability during fires, ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants.

The Importance of Correct Film Thickness in Intumescent Paint

At Alpha Fire Protection, we understand the criticality of correct film thickness in intumescent paint application. Precise thickness ensures optimal fire resistance, safeguarding steel structures effectively. Our expertise guarantees that every application meets the highest standards for fire safety.

Applying Intumescent Paint: Techniques and Best Practices

At Alpha Fire Protection, our application of intumescent paint, including options for wood, utilizes techniques that meet and exceed the mandatory level required in building regulations.

Our trained professionals ensure that the coating, upon contact with fire or extreme heat, starts to expand, producing a protective charcoal layer. This layer swells as a result of heat exposure, offering reliable passive fire protection. Our approach aligns with the highest fire resistance levels, providing a safeguard against active fires.

Choosing the Right Intumescent Painting Service

Alpha Fire Protection excels in providing essential fire protection for structural steelwork.

Our intumescent paint solutions, applicable both on-site and off-site, insulate steel structures from extreme fire temperatures, offering up to 120 minutes of fire resistance.

Using only leading products such as:

  • Nullifire
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Envirograf
  • Jotun

We blend technical excellence with aesthetic integration, using quality products from industry leaders like Promat and Sherwin Williams. Our trained installers ensure compliance with Building Control Regulations, delivering reliable passive fire protection that meets both safety standards and design needs.


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