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Introduction into the Fire Batt

Alpha Fire Protection proudly presents the Stopseal Batt, a cutting-edge solution in fire and smoke protection. Integrating advanced technology and materials, this product sets a new standard in fire safety.

What is a Fire Batt?

A Fire Batt is a specialized fire protection product designed to safeguard buildings against the spread of fire and smoke.

Essential in passive fire protection, it serves as a barrier in compartment walls and floors. The FSI Stopseal Batt is a prime example, is a mineral wool board coated with a fire-resistant ablative coating. This coating, applied on both sides, significantly enhances the batt’s ability to resist fire, making it an indispensable component in fire safety systems.

How It Has Saved Lives

The Fire Batt’s impact on life safety is profound. 

By effectively containing fire and smoke, it provides critical time for evacuation and emergency response. In several instances, buildings equipped with Fire Batts have successfully prevented fire spread, minimizing damage and saving lives.

The batt’s ability to maintain the integrity of fire compartments ensures that fire and smoke do not penetrate into protected areas for the specified time, offering residents and workers critical time for evacuation.

Its role in maintaining building structure during a fire also aids in rescue operations, further contributing to life-saving efforts.

The Science Behind Ablative Coating

The ablative coating on the Fire Batt plays a pivotal role in its effectiveness.

When ablative liquid coatings come into contact with a fire, a water vapour is released. This provides a method of fire protection by cooling the surface and working with the fire rated application beneath it to prevent the spread of the fire

This layer is crucial for the batt’s structural integrity. It offers up to 4 hours of fire resistance, depending on application and installation.

In addition to fire resistance, the ablative coating significantly contributes to the batt’s acoustic and air sealing properties.

The batt’s tight seal is key in preventing smoke and toxic gas passage during a fire. This seal boosts the batt’s acoustic performance, ideal for sound-insulated buildings. These properties ensure comprehensive protection, safeguarding building structure and lives.

Multi-Functional Fire Protection

The Stopseal Batt is not just a fire barrier; it’s a multi-functional solution addressing various aspects of building safety:

  • Fire and Smoke Barrier: It effectively stops the spread of fire and smoke, reinstating the fire rating of wall and floor constructions.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Maintains and enhances the acoustic performance of the building.
  • Air Leakage Prevention: Helps in preventing air leakage, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building.

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Installation and Compliance

  • Ease of Installation: Simple tools and methods like Friction Fit and Pattress Fit make integrating Stopseal Batt into structures easy.
  • Compliance Standards: Meeting tough standards like BS EN 1366-3:2009 and ASTM E84, it ensures buildings are safe and regulation-compliant.

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Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

The Stopseal Batt aligns with sustainability goals and is compatible with environmental certifications like LEED. Its long assumed working life of 30 years makes it a sustainable choice in building materials.


The ablative coating on each batt significantly enhances fire resistance, providing critical protection during a fire. In many cases, it has been the decisive factor in preventing the spread of flames and smoke, thereby saving lives and property.

Moreover, the Stopseal Batt’s acoustic properties play a vital role in reducing noise transmission, a crucial aspect in modern construction. It ensures that, alongside safety, the comfort and privacy of building occupants are also taken into account.

Equally important is our dedication to environmental stewardship. The Stopseal Batt is produced with sustainable practices, reflecting our commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising on safety and effectiveness.

As we introduce the Stopseal Batt, we invite you to explore how this innovative solution can be a key part of your fire safety strategy, offering not just protection but peace of mind.

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